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Client Reviews

Parkinson's disease in the early stages significantly improved

Volker V., participant of the pilot study -

After the regular music meditation therapy, my Parkinson’s disease has improved considerably in the early stages. It even went so far that I stopped taking my medication.

My state of health has stabilized with ART

Gabriele Krauße, participant of the pilot study -

I had hoped that this form of therapy would have a positive influence on my neurological disease. And so it was: my state of health was stabilized and thus improved by ART – I can emphasize this five times.

Pain was relieved

Christiane Schönemann, participant of the pilot study -

I have observed that certain pain conditions have been relieved by this meditation. I have become calmer. More relaxed. More concentrated. More patient.

I can recommend ART to everyone

Anja Reh, participant of the pilot study -

I can recommend ART to anyone who would like to gain more peace and strength and get their head clear and free again. 10 minutes a day can change your life forever – that’s not a saying, that’s real.

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