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We have the possibility to free our body from stress and fears by gaining access to our inner self through certain channels.

One of these channels is acoustic perception.

Audio Resonance Therapy ® is a unique therapy by combining music therapy with meditative techniques.

Our team combines experience and knowledge from medicine, TCM medicine, acupuncture, meditation, harmonic sound research, composition and music production in a synergetic way.

Our FAQ are currently only available in German.

About A.R.T. methodoloy

About the application

To use the Audio Resonance Therapy app, you have to register in the first step. We offer two methods for registration:

1. Sign in with Apple / Google.
With this method you simply enter your apple ID or Google ID for verification. A password is not required. Just follow the on-screen instructions. Please note the data protection policy of the respective provider.

2. Registration with email and password
Enter the email address with which you want to verify your A.R.T. profile. To avoid spelling mistakes, we ask you to type in the email address twice. Set your password, here too we ask you to enter the password twice. Write down your registration data in a place only accessible to you and do not pass this data on to third persons.

With your registration you get access to the free basic version of the audio Resonance Therapy app. The content marked with a lock symbol are chargeable. To use this content you need to select a subscription. Please find more details in the following chapter.

Note for users registered with passwordless sign-in:
This sign-in method is deprecated. You are now requested to enter a password when signing-in. If you haven’t created a password before, kindly request one by selecting “Need help signing-in” and follow the instructions sent to your email address. Please also check your spam / junk mail.

You can use the A.R.T. mobile app for some basic exercises and meditations free of charge.

For the activation of the complete content we offer a 7-day trial period in which you have unlimited access to all A.R.T. exercises. This trial period turns into a monthly subscription ( € 5,99 / month), if you do not deactivate the automatic renewal at least 24 hours before the end of this period.

In addition, Audio Resonance Therapy offers an annual subscription for € 59.99 / year (equivalent to € 4.99 per month), which gives you also unlimited access to all A.R.T. content and exercises. The subscriptions are renewed automatically, unless you deactivate the automatic renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.

These prices apply to customers in the EURO area. Prices in other countries may vary and the actual costs will be converted into your local currency depending on your country of residence.

Payment will be made using the payment method associated with your Apple / Google account after you have confirmed the first subscription purchase. You can manage your subscription through your account settings after purchase. You can also deactivate the automatic renewal here.

You can log out of the app via the “Profile” menu. It is also possible that you will be automatically logged out of the app after a longer period of time. This happens routinely depending on the platform of your smartphone and is for your own security.

You can log in again via the “Login to Audio Resonance Therapy” menu. Please select the method you originally used to register. Please use the same login details (e.g. email address and password) that you originally used to log in to A.R.T. had registered.

If you have forgotten your password, you have the option of assigning a new password via “Reset password”. At your request, we will send you an email with further instructions. Please also check your “spam folder” for this notification email.

As soon as you have set and confirmed a new password, you can log in to the app again.

When registering, please always use the email address with which you originally registered at A.R.T. had registered.

We recommend a working internet connection (broadband/4G/LTE) with a bandwidth of at least 2MB/s for interruption-free audio streaming.

The A.R.T. app works on most smartphones in recent years. The minimum requirements for your smartphone may change from time to time. You can find more information in your app store.

ART Background


Client Reviews

Mein Gesundheitszustand hat sich durch A.R.T. stabilisiert
Gabriele Krauße, Teilnehmerin der Pilotstudie -

Ich hatte mir erhofft, dass die Therapieform einen positiven Einfluss auf meine neurologische Erkrankung hat. Und so war es dann auch: Mein Gesundheitszustand hat sich durch A.R.T. stabilisiert und damit verbessert – das kann ich fünf Mal unterstreichen.

Schmerzzustände wurden gelindert
Christiane Schönemann, Teilnehmerin der Pilotstudie -

Ich habe beobachtet, dass bestimmte Schmerzzustände durch die Meditation gelindert wurden. Ich bin ruhiger geworden. Gelassener. Konzentrierter. Geduldiger.

Parkinson-Leiden im Anfangsstadium erheblich verbessert
Volker V., Teilnehmer der Pilotstudie -

Nach der regelmäßigen Musik-Meditations-Therapie hat sich mein Parkinson-Leiden im Anfangsstadium erheblich verbessert. Es ging sogar soweit, dass ich meine Medikamente absetzte.

Ich kann A.R.T. jedem empfehlen
Anja Reh, Teilnehmerin der Pilotstudie -

Ich kann A.R.T. jedem empfehlen, der mehr Ruhe und Kraft erlangen und den Kopf wieder frei und klar bekommen möchte. 10 Minuten täglich können das Leben nachhaltig verändern – das ist kein Spruch, das ist tatsächlich so.

Ich wende bei sehr vielen PatientInnen die A.R.T. an
Dr. med. Ivonne Ziegeler, Fachärztin für Allgemeinmedizin, Homöopathie, Akupunktur und Naturheilverfahren -

„Ich wende bei sehr vielen meiner PatientInnen die Audio Resonance Therapy an – mit konkreten, individuellen Empfehlungen, je nach Erkrankung. Die Ergebnisse sind verblüffend. Insbesondere PatientInnen mit Schlafstörungen sind begeistert, weil sich die Schlafqualität ganz hervorragend bessert.“

Therapeutisches und prophylaktisches Instrument
Dr. med. Michael Hammes, Facharzt für Neurologie, Arzt für Chinesische Medizin & Akupunktur, Schmerztherapeut -

„Zur Gesunderhaltung kann jede/r die Audio Resonance Therapy vorbeugend nutzen. Man muss ja nicht warten, bis man eine Störung hat. Die A.R.T. ist sowohl ein therapeutisches als auch ein prophylaktisches Instrument.“

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