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A.R.T. PRO App 

Audio Resonance Therapy® for therapy und practice

Expand your therapeutic range with the A.R.T. PRO App.
Integrate Audio Resonance Therapy as a prevention and therapy method in your professional practice.

Audio Resonance Therapy is a unique, digitally supported method of health prevention and therapy through a combination of highly effective sound sequences and special relaxation techniques. 

The A.R.T. PRO App is available to you a s a browser-supported web app for computers with internet access/network access or for iPads. 

This offer is addressed to medical professionals (doctors, specialist therapists, naturopaths, coaches, etc.)


A.R.T. PRO offers

Audio Resonance Therapy (A.R.T.) is a special form of prevention and therapy using highly effective sound sequences in combination with special relaxation techniques. 

The A.R.T. owes its effect to the consideration of different medical and neuroscientific findings, traditional medical healing concepts, as well as the complex interaction of different sound and composition techniques. Through special topic-related exercises of the A.R.T. PRO therapy modules defined and targeted regulatory mechanisms can be created. The clinical effects of meditation and music therapy in the treatment of chronic and psychosomatic diseases as well as mental disorders and the use in rehabilitation measures are well documented.


Discover the A.R.T. PRO basic package providing 7 different modules in the fields of stress management, sleep & relaxation, anxiety reduction, overcoming of exhaustion, harmonizing of the heart, strengthening concentration (focussing) using the effects of binaural stimulation and finding balance. 


Our TCM modules work with a systematic stimulation of different areas of the body with the help of the “five tones” from the classical Chinese music therapy. According to Chinese medicine, individual tracks for the therapy of the five zang organs liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys are provided, whereby not only the respective corresponding basic entity is stimulated in the organs, but also the assigned polar energies of yin and and yang are addressed in the meridians. In addition to the five zang organs, the energetic system of the triple warmer (sanjiao) is treated. Special stimulations of the Shen soul parts are provided in a separate module.

A.R.T. PRO App list of contents

Therapy Modules A.R.T. PRO Content Gesamtlänge
Overcoming Of Stress 15 Tracks 266 min
Sleep & Relaxation 8 Tracks, inkl. 1 x Sleep-Meditation (german language only) 258 min
Reducing Of Fears 7 Tracks 121 min
Overcoming Of Burnout 12 Tracks, inkl. 1 x Coherent Breathing 203 min
Harmonization Of Heart 7 Tracks 133 min
Strengthen Concentration (Focussing) 8 Tracks 122 min
Finding Balance 15 Tracks 233 min
Upgrade Package TCM
TCM Organs and Meridians 6 Tracks 131 min
TCM Shen-Souls-Therapy 5 Tracks 68 min

With the help of the A.R.T. PRO App you get a professional software tool for the integration of Audio Resonance Therapy into your everyday practice/therapy.

Organize your A.R.T. applications, manage your patient files, find sample therapy plans and other therapeutic information in the knowledge database and use the highly effective A.R.T. sound sequences in therapeutic exercise lengths.

A.R.T. PRO App Costs

A.R.T. PRO App Therapy Modules // Single License (web app) // 1 year // EUR 299,00 plus VAT

A.R.T. PRO App Therapy Modules // Single License (web app and iPad) // 1 year // EUR 399,00 plus VAT (incl. Offline-Modus for iPad)


A.R.T. PRO App TCM Package // Single License (web app and iPad) // 1 year // EUR 99,00 plus VAT

The A.R.T. PRO single licenses will entitle you for use of the A.R.T. application in your practice, healing practice, therapeutic facility and/or in a commercial environment (e.g. coaching, YOGA, meditation, etc.) limited to a maximum of 3 computer devices in a single practice or facility.

Licensing will be realized as an annual subscription of the selected content, which is automatically renewed by 1 year if it is not cancelled. Cancellation is possible at any time up to 1 day before the end of the period of use.

For requests for more extensive licensing, please contact our support at support@audio-resonance.com. Thank You very much!

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  • Note: Current version of Google Chrome Browser is required

Software Features A.R.T. PRO App iPad Version

  • All Audio Resonance Therapy audio content and exercises are available locally on the iPad and can be played without a wireless Internet connection (offline mode).

  • Encryption of patient data via Touch ID


  • minimal system requirements: iPad model 2020 (8th Generation), wifi oder cellular, 128 GB with working internet access

  • The configuration of the A.R.T. PRO App on iPad requires device-specific information to be sent prior to installation. Please allow about 3 working days from the time of purchase for your installation to be completed.

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Software Features A.R.T. PRO App


  • Create individual patient files/folders to document indications, treatment appointments, notes and therapy plans for your patients. In this way, you can keep track of the applications carried out for each individual patient and be able to use the therapeutic A.R.T.. Seamlessly continue applications at follow-up appointments.


  • The A.R.T. PRO App provides therapy plans and a tabular overview of all therapeutic A.R.T. areas of application. In addition, individual therapy plans can be created manually for your patients.
  • Via a SYNCHRONIZATION FUNCTION (A.R.T. User App required on the patient’s smartphone) recommended A.R.T. therapy plans can be easily transferred digitally to the patient’s app. In this way, the patient automatically views therapeutic A.R.T. content and is regularly reminded of his exercises via the integrated scheduler.


  • Find all relevant information on the systematic use of Audio Resonance Therapy, on special applications and on psychiatric applications with direct access in the knowledge database.


  • Customize therapy plans and A.R.T. Information for your patients (e.g. when sending as a PDF or when printing) in your design.


  • The A.R.T. PRO single license entitles you for use in your practice, healing practice, therapeutic facility and/or in a commercial environment (e.g. coaching, YOGA, meditation, etc.).The subscription is automatically extended by a further year if it is not canceled at least 1 day before it expires.

    For requests for more extensive licensing, please contact our support at support@audio-resonance.com. Thank You very much!

    A qualification as A.R.T. Authorized Instructor can also be granted, which requires a full participation in the A.R.T. Authorized Instructor online course, sufficient practical experience with all A.R.T. exercises, proof of completed professional training and qualifications (e.g. in the medical, therapeutic or psychological field) and, if necessary, determination of personal suitability in an interview/introductory meeting.

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Dr. Michael Hammes

Dr. med. Michael Hammes

Specialist for neurology, doctor for Chinese medicine & acupuncture & pain therapist

“For health maintenance, everyone can use Audio Resonance Therapy as a preventive measure. After all, you don’t have to wait until you have a disorder. ART is both a therapeutic and a prophylactic tool.”

Gundula Heinrici

Gundula Heinrici

Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, A.R.T. therapist

“Body awareness is often difficult for my patients. To perceive feelings, Audio Resonance Therapy is terrific because you can actually perceive and work with different feelings in the body through the app and the music.”

Dr. Barbara Groos

Dr. med. Barbara Groos

Doctor, traditional Chinese medicine, medical hypnotherapy, acupuncture, A.R.T. instructor

“Most people try to find solutions for their fears, stress or exhaustion through thinking and analyzing. That’s where words in talk therapy often reach their limits or even trigger new thinking loops. With Audio Resonance Therapy, we reach our patients through sounds and resonance in the body on a completely different level. It’s incredibly effective as we can bypass thinking and achieve relaxation faster.”


Become an A.R.T. Authorized Instructor

For the optimal therapeutic use of Audio Resonance Therapy, we recommend a qualifying as an A.R.T. Authorized Instructor.

The online course consists of 18 teaching units and provides all the important information about Audio Resonance Therapy.

In 15 training videos you will learn everything about the individual A.R.T. modules, exercises and therapeutic background. In 3 online live sessions hosted by Dr. medical Roya Schwarz the content is deepened, case studies are analyzed and questions on the topic are answered.

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