The A.R.T. Instructor Training

For doctors, therapists, coaches & health experts


The Audio Resonance Therapy in therapy and practice

Expand your therapeutic offer as an A.R.T. Authorized Instructor!
Integrate Audio Resonance Therapy as a prevention and therapy method in your professional practice. Offer your patients/clients a unique method in combination of music therapy and meditative techniques.

Learn the extensive applications, indications, therapy combinations and medical background information of Audio Resonance Therapy in compact teaching units easily at home via an online course.

This offer is aimed at medical professionals (doctors, specialist therapists, nonmedical practitioners, healers, coaches, etc.).
Important information: So far we can provide the A.R.T. Authorized Instructors course only in German language. If you are interested in an English course please contact us directly.

A.R.T. Authorized Instructor Training

The Audio Resonance Therapy for therapy and practice! Become an A.R.T. Authorized Instructor.

You will receive all relevant information about the A.R.T. method, indications, application areas, and therapy combinations as well as the medical and therapeutic background.To convey the basic contens, you will receive exclusive access to the A.R.T. training videos. In the following live online sessions, these contents will be deepened and the possible applications of Audio Resonance Therapy® will be discussed on the basis of case studies.

During the practical sessions you will learn all exercises and A.R.T. meditations.

In addition, a comprehensive handout provides you with all important information about the A.R.T. modules, therapy recommendations, the A.R.T. pilot study, and much more.

We will qualify you professionally via online courses in the following teaching units. The A.R.T. basic contents (course parts 01-15) take place as self-study via exclusive training videos for the course participants. This allows you an individual and flexible handling in order to acquire detailed basic knowledge about the A.R.T. method, the indication fields, the application possibilities, and therapy concepts.

This will be followed by deepening of contents based on the use of case studies and sufficient space for your individual questions as well as the presentation of the module “Heart Balancing”. (course parts 16-18):

This training course is for doctors, therapists, healing practitioners, coaches, yoga, and meditation teachers!

Procedure of the A.R.T. Instructor Training


01 – Welcome and A.R.T. experiences
02 – Introduction and Module: Overcoming Stress 01
03 – Module: Overcoming stress 02
04 – Module: Improving sleep
05 – Meditation exercises for the modules Overcoming Stress and Improving Sleep
06 – Module: Reducing anxiety 01
07 – Module: Reducing anxiety 02
08 – Module: Overcoming exhaustion 01
09 – Module: Overcoming exhaustion 02
10 – Meditation exercises for the modules Reducing Anxiety and Overcoming Exhaustion
11 – Basics and applications 01
12 – Applications 02 and accounting
13 – Listening, sound, and music
14 – Questions and outlook
15 – A.R.T. PRO App Tutorial
16 – Live Session: Module: Balancing the heart
17 – Live Session: repetitorium, deepening, and case studies
18 – Live Session: Q&A

Cost: EUR 450.00 plus VAT.

live seminar: three two-hours ZOOM sessions (live) under the direction of Dr. med. Roya Schwarz.

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Dr. Michael Hammes

Dr. med. Michael Hammes

Specialist for neurology, doctor for Chinese medicine & acupuncture & pain therapist

“For health maintenance, everyone can use Audio Resonance Therapy as a preventive measure. After all, you don’t have to wait until you have a disorder. ART is both a therapeutic and a prophylactic tool.”

Gundula Heinrici

Gundula Heinrici

Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, A.R.T. therapist

“Body awareness is often difficult for my patients. To perceive feelings, Audio Resonance Therapy is terrific because you can actually perceive and work with different feelings in the body through the app and the music.”

Dr. Barbara Groos

Dr. med. Barbara Groos

Doctor, traditional Chinese medicine, medical hypnotherapy, acupuncture, A.R.T. instructor

“Most people try to find solutions for their fears, stress or exhaustion through thinking and analyzing. That’s where words in talk therapy often reach their limits or even trigger new thinking loops. With Audio Resonance Therapy, we reach our patients through sounds and resonance in the body on a completely different level. It’s incredibly effective as we can bypass thinking and achieve relaxation faster.”

A.R.T. PRO App

With the help of the A.R.T. PRO App we are providing a professional software tool for the integration of the Audio Resonance Therapy into your daily practice/therapy routine, which enables you to organize your A.R.T. applications and to accompany your patients sustainably and regularly also beside of personal treatment appointments.

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