Meditation Music

A.R.T.`s  Sound Stimulation

With the individually composed music of the A.R.T. we can specifically stimulate different areas of the body through frequency, location and sound selection.

Let yourself be inspired and carried away by the sensitive sound sequences and you will notice a new space is released for serenity, creativity and inner peace.

Take your time to simply unwind, let go of your thoughts and simply do nothing.

This not only feels good, but also enables a positive influence on the unconscious physical processes in the autonomous nervous system, such as breathing, pulse and regeneration. Sound stimulation is usually followed by a period of silence and introspection. This can activate the so-called “Default-Mode Network”, which makes a decisive contribution to strengthening and re-conditioning the organism.</p>

Music can heal and is THE emotional medium to find access to ourselves, to create a more intense feeling of security and warmth and to connect with our own feelings and other people. 

World of sound –  effects of music and its meaning for meditation

Positive Effects of Music

For the majority of people music is a tremendously important part of life, through which deep and intensive emotions can emerge. Nearly all of us associate key moments of life with favourite music or memories, which are closely linked to music.

Music – especially music for meditation – helps us to come to terms with emotions, allows place for new emotions, and probably is one of the most important cultural assets within the history of civilisation.

Comunicative Aspects of Music

Singing and humming together not only connects us with our own emotions, but also with other people and, therefore, fulfils an important social role.
Making music and listening to music supports the production of certain hormones and neuronal messengers, which make you happy and at the same time supports the reduction of the so-called stress hormones.This explains why songs, dancing, singing, and making music together became one of the central elements of festivities, traditions, and rituals.

Already during the embryonic development of a human being the ear is the first sensory organ taking up its function and is generally also the last organ which stops its function before natural death.

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A.R.T. Modules:

A.R.T. sound sequences

The A.R.T. compositions form their own atmospheric sound world and transfer the listener into a relaxed and introverted mood.

Intentional listening to the A.R.T. music helps disengage thoughts and getting choked in peace of mind and calmness.
Soothing music stimulates the muscles to relax, and lowers the heart rate.
In A.R.T. sound sequences constancy and harmonic balance can be found for a relaxing effect, for activating effects musical rhythms and sounds are set in such a way that they specifically support deep (coherent) breathing or movement.

With our own voice we cannot only communicate with other people, but also connect with our own organism.

In this way our voice not only becomes an outlet for trapped and dammed emotions, but also an instrument harmonizing the internal processes within the body.
By means of intensive acoustic perception and our own active A.R.T. participation, we have the opportunity to find access to our inner self and to free body, mind, and soul from stress and pressure.

Specifics of the A.R.T. sound sequences I

In order to release targeted stimulation and regulation, different stylistic devices and techniques are used in the A.R.T. Meditation music, of which we would like to mention the following in more detail:

432 Hertz tuning

Behind this abstract information is a certain tuning of the music, which differs from the usual “typical” 440 Hertz tuning. Music and sound in 432 Hertz has a calming and deeply relaxing effect.
From a physical and acoustic point of view, 432 Hertz music vibrates in a somewhat deeper resonance.

Even if there is a controversal discussion about this, studies have documented a sleep-promoting and relaxing effect of 432-Hertz music. (
The calming, positive effects of 432-Hertz music on fear and processing have been proven. (

The healing effects of 432-Hertz music on an energetic and emotional level can lead to the fact that we can process negative experiences better and emotional blockages within us can be released more easily.

Even if currently there is no general valid scientific proof of the positive effects of 432-Hertz music for the Audio Resonance Therapy® we have decided on the “natural” 432-Hertz tuning, in addition to scientific arguments based on subjective taste, as it sounds and feels best to us, and our observation shows better healing effects.

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Specifics of the A.R.T. sound sequences II

Harmonious tones lift the mood

Harmonious tones are not only able to lift the listener’s mood. Music and singing have proved to promote the well-being of body and soul. When listening to and making music, special messenger substances and hormones are released in the human brain, which can create feelings of happiness.

Therefore, when listening to the A.R.T. sound, sequences can develop a notably calming and relaxing easiness.

Music – a matter of taste

Music is a matter of individual taste. Due to their cultural orientation, their own listening biography and their subjective feelings, people react very differently to certain types of music.This, of course, cannot be disregarded with A.R.T., since the Audio Resonance Therapy® is not about your own favourite music, but rather an access to inner processes and feelings. With a special harmonic and aesthetic sound quality we intend to create an universal sound language, and reach as many people as possible, who experience our meditation music as an “inner shower” in order to find a new way of approaching one’s self.

Frequencies – resonances

When developing the Audio Resonance Therapy®, we undertook extensive attempts and tests to find the most effective frequencies for activating and harmonizing one’s own energy centres. All of our music was produced in different pitches and examined for its effectiveness before we defined the most effective frequencies for the targeted stimulation of the seven most important physical energy centres. We know that the targeted regulation of one’s own energy centres can lead to inner harmonization, balance, and calm.
The final results regarding the effectiveness of the A.R.T. tone sequences and music have been recorded and documented in detail in the A.R.T. pilot study. (

The secret recipe of the A.R.T. Music

The sequence of tones, the composition of the sounds and chord series follow their own inherent rules and principles, which we have specially developed for Audio Resonance Therapy®. These represent an important factor of the special effect and recipe of the A.R.T..
The production of this music consists of numerous conceptual, tonal, musical, and technical components, and combines in a complex process the interlocking of the know-how from science, medicine, neurology, composition, and acoustics.
It is our small but fine secret we want to keep to ourselves. Just let yourself be flooded by the sounds, let yourself be carried away on your own journey to your self and observe your inside without intervening.



Client Reviews

Mein Gesundheitszustand hat sich durch A.R.T. stabilisiert
Gabriele Krauße, Teilnehmerin der Pilotstudie -

Ich hatte mir erhofft, dass die Therapieform einen positiven Einfluss auf meine neurologische Erkrankung hat. Und so war es dann auch: Mein Gesundheitszustand hat sich durch A.R.T. stabilisiert und damit verbessert – das kann ich fünf Mal unterstreichen.

Schmerzzustände wurden gelindert
Christiane Schönemann, Teilnehmerin der Pilotstudie -

Ich habe beobachtet, dass bestimmte Schmerzzustände durch die Meditation gelindert wurden. Ich bin ruhiger geworden. Gelassener. Konzentrierter. Geduldiger.

Parkinson-Leiden im Anfangsstadium erheblich verbessert
Volker V., Teilnehmer der Pilotstudie -

Nach der regelmäßigen Musik-Meditations-Therapie hat sich mein Parkinson-Leiden im Anfangsstadium erheblich verbessert. Es ging sogar soweit, dass ich meine Medikamente absetzte.

Ich kann A.R.T. jedem empfehlen
Anja Reh, Teilnehmerin der Pilotstudie -

Ich kann A.R.T. jedem empfehlen, der mehr Ruhe und Kraft erlangen und den Kopf wieder frei und klar bekommen möchte. 10 Minuten täglich können das Leben nachhaltig verändern – das ist kein Spruch, das ist tatsächlich so.

Ich wende bei sehr vielen PatientInnen die A.R.T. an
Dr. med. Ivonne Ziegeler, Fachärztin für Allgemeinmedizin, Homöopathie, Akupunktur und Naturheilverfahren -

„Ich wende bei sehr vielen meiner PatientInnen die Audio Resonance Therapy an – mit konkreten, individuellen Empfehlungen, je nach Erkrankung. Die Ergebnisse sind verblüffend. Insbesondere PatientInnen mit Schlafstörungen sind begeistert, weil sich die Schlafqualität ganz hervorragend bessert.“

Therapeutisches und prophylaktisches Instrument
Dr. med. Michael Hammes, Facharzt für Neurologie, Arzt für Chinesische Medizin & Akupunktur, Schmerztherapeut -

„Zur Gesunderhaltung kann jede/r die Audio Resonance Therapy vorbeugend nutzen. Man muss ja nicht warten, bis man eine Störung hat. Die A.R.T. ist sowohl ein therapeutisches als auch ein prophylaktisches Instrument.“

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