Reducing Of Fears

A.R.T. Meditation to reduce fear

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Reducing fear with meditation

Harmony of Soul, Mind, and Body

Is fear simply a negative phenomenon?

No, it also warns us in dangerous situations and protects us against getting hurt due to inadequate behaviour.

If, however, fear dominates our perception and lasts in a dysfunctional way, this may lead serious damage of our physiological system. Extreme or prolonged reactions of fear can heavily restrict human beings. Furthermore, it can result in heart racing, breathlessness, dizziness, fits of cold sweat, or trembling.

During the A.R.T. Anxiety Meditation we activate especially the energy centers 2, 4 and 6.

Sound example


Reducing Fear 1
8 minutes – apply a following phase of quietness for centering

Reducing Fear 2
6 minutes – apply a following phase of quietness for centering

Reducing Fear 3
20 minutes – apply a following phase of quietness for centering

Meditation for Anxiety

A chronic course is characterized by the development of a so-called meta-fear, the patient being dominated by the fear of fear never coming to an end. Permanent feelings of fear produce a higher level of stress within the body, a principle supporting chronic diseases.

Therefore, we have chosen those energy centres for your meditation, which are blocked by anxiety disorders. Due to the vibration of A.R.T. sound sequences especially those centres are stimulated and can be harmonized again.

Ängste reduzieren


Client Reviews

My state of health has stabilized with A.R.T.
Gabriele Krauße, participant of the pilot study -

I had hoped that this form of therapy would have a positive influence on my neurological disease. And so it was: my state of health was stabilized and thus improved by A.R.T. – I can emphasize this five times.

I can recommend A.R.T. to everyone
Anja Reh, participant of the pilot study -

I can recommend A.R.T. to anyone who would like to gain more peace and strength and get their head clear and free again. 10 minutes a day can change your life forever – that’s not a saying, that’s real.

Pain was relieved
Christiane Schönemann, participant of the pilot study -

I have observed that certain pain conditions have been relieved by this meditation. I have become calmer. More relaxed. More concentrated. More patient.

Parkinson's disease in the early stages significantly improved
Volker V., participant of the pilot study -

After the regular music meditation therapy, my Parkinson’s disease has improved considerably in the early stages. It even went so far that I stopped taking my medication.

Therapeutic and prophylactic instrument
Dr. med. Michael Hammes, Specialist in neurology, doctor in Chinese medicine & acupuncture, pain therapist -

Everyone can use the Audio Resonance Therapy preventively to keep yourself healthy. You don’t have to wait until you have a problem. ART is both a therapeutic and a prophylactic instrument.

I use A.R.T. on a large number of patients
Dr. med. Ivonne Ziegeler, Specialist in general medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and naturopathy -

I use Audio Resonance Therapy with many of my patients – with specific, individual recommendations, depending on the disease. The results are amazing. Patients with insomnia in particular are enthusiastic because the quality of sleep improves very well.

Basic version free of charge

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