A.R.T. for Business Clients

Corporate health management for psychological and mental health

Stress management on the Job

The increase of pressure, permanent digital availability and presence, high working speed, acceleration of decision processes…
There are numerous reasons for the continuously growing hectic pace on the job.
Many employees are overstrained by the digital progress.
Most of them are regularly stressed and overburdened.
Mental disorders like exhaustion, depressions, burnouts and insomnia increase.

Peak days lost

It has been recorded that the pandemia has worsened this situation to such an extent that failure days have reached their highest level in 2021 because of mental disorders.

or 2021 the DAK-Gesundheit’s current psycho-report shows approximately 276 failure days per 100 insured. This is an increase of 41% in comparison to 2011. Among all the persons employed, the females above 55 years had the highest rate of increase by far (mental health gender gap and mental load) during the pandemia. There were 511 failure days on 100 insured persons, 14% more that before Corona. The most important reason for their medical condition was depressions, the biggest increase were adaption- and fear-conditions. An average case of mental illness in 2021 took approximately 39,2 days. This score is also as high as never before.

Health at Work

While in many companies preventative measures and offers for physical health on the job are installed, mental health becomes more important for satisfaction on the job and for a modern health care.

The training of mindfulness and an improved sense of self offers an easy and at the same time scientific way to improve mental health, in order to reduce stress and to strengthen the regulation of emotions.

FAQ Meditation
What is Training of Mindfulness?

Mindfulness training is a form of meditation practice which aims to bring to focus the present moment and to accept it without judgement.

It has been proven that mindfulness meditation increases efficiency and satisfaction. It has a direct as well as an indirect positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Many studies provide impressive proof of these positive effects.

Training mindfulness by means of meditative exercises also has positive effects other areas, e.g. immune system, the ability to improve coping with stress (MBSR - mindfulness based stress reduction), productivity, emotional well-being, social behaviour, contentment and sleep.

The Concept of A.R.T.

The concept of A.R.T., which was developed by skilled physicians, benefit from these effects. Our exercises are generally effective in two phases:


Selective sound simulations for various physical, neuronal or sensoric areas, connected with posture, centering, breathing and movement.


Intentional adjustment of attentiveness. Sense of self (training of mindfulness) generates tranquillity and clearness, stimulates the rehabilitation and consolidation of the entire neural and somatic system.

Optimizing the autonomic regulation (Phase 1)) and activation of the so-called “Default Mode Networks“ (Phase 2) in order to improve the hardiness (resilience) and general health-reconditioning are considered to be acknowledged constitutional practices.

This way A.R.T. becomes an effective tool for health care, prevention and the therapeutic sector.

A.R.T. is attractive for employees as well as employers, because a small regular effort (10-20 minutes) can trigger noticeable, long lasting, constitutional effects.

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A.R.T. Offer for Business Clients

Working with A.R.T. contents and practices can be used by mobile devices. Alternative access is made available on a secured browser via a so-called web-app for any internet compatible computer, laptop or smart device.
Thus exercises are usable everywhere, in the office, field work or home office.

Annually we offer volume licences (50 plus) for the use of the A.R.T. contents, which contain unlimited access on all A.R.T. topics. After the first registration the users needs are determined by the so-called dialogue-tour and content can distinctly be personalized.

A partner dashboard (via web-app) can be installed on request. This will show reporting features or cumulative user statistics. It is possible to integrate the company`s corporate Identity on the cover page.

You are welcome to contact us for an individual service offer at  [email protected].

Audio Resonance Therapy (A.R.T.)

Audio Resonance Therapy (A.R.T.) is no medical healing product and does not offer any promise of treatment or healing whatsoever. Definitely it is not meant to compensate for professional medical advice or treatment.



Mein Gesundheitszustand hat sich durch A.R.T. stabilisiert
Gabriele Krauße, Teilnehmerin der Pilotstudie -

Ich hatte mir erhofft, dass die Therapieform einen positiven Einfluss auf meine neurologische Erkrankung hat. Und so war es dann auch: Mein Gesundheitszustand hat sich durch A.R.T. stabilisiert und damit verbessert – das kann ich fünf Mal unterstreichen.

Schmerzzustände wurden gelindert
Christiane Schönemann, Teilnehmerin der Pilotstudie -

Ich habe beobachtet, dass bestimmte Schmerzzustände durch die Meditation gelindert wurden. Ich bin ruhiger geworden. Gelassener. Konzentrierter. Geduldiger.

Parkinson-Leiden im Anfangsstadium erheblich verbessert
Volker V., Teilnehmer der Pilotstudie -

Nach der regelmäßigen Musik-Meditations-Therapie hat sich mein Parkinson-Leiden im Anfangsstadium erheblich verbessert. Es ging sogar soweit, dass ich meine Medikamente absetzte.

Ich kann A.R.T. jedem empfehlen
Anja Reh, Teilnehmerin der Pilotstudie -

Ich kann A.R.T. jedem empfehlen, der mehr Ruhe und Kraft erlangen und den Kopf wieder frei und klar bekommen möchte. 10 Minuten täglich können das Leben nachhaltig verändern – das ist kein Spruch, das ist tatsächlich so.

Ich wende bei sehr vielen PatientInnen die A.R.T. an
Dr. med. Ivonne Ziegeler, Fachärztin für Allgemeinmedizin, Homöopathie, Akupunktur und Naturheilverfahren -

„Ich wende bei sehr vielen meiner PatientInnen die Audio Resonance Therapy an – mit konkreten, individuellen Empfehlungen, je nach Erkrankung. Die Ergebnisse sind verblüffend. Insbesondere PatientInnen mit Schlafstörungen sind begeistert, weil sich die Schlafqualität ganz hervorragend bessert.“

Therapeutisches und prophylaktisches Instrument
Dr. med. Michael Hammes, Facharzt für Neurologie, Arzt für Chinesische Medizin & Akupunktur, Schmerztherapeut -

„Zur Gesunderhaltung kann jede/r die Audio Resonance Therapy vorbeugend nutzen. Man muss ja nicht warten, bis man eine Störung hat. Die A.R.T. ist sowohl ein therapeutisches als auch ein prophylaktisches Instrument.“