Our hardware recommendations for the optimal A.R.T. audio experience!

When using Audio Resonance Therapy ®, an optimal sound is crucial.

The built-in loudspeakers in smartphones are not as powerful and, in particular, cannot adequately transmit lower frequencies and sounds. Stereo / compact systems, Bluetooth speakers or headphones can offer significant improvements in sound.

In this article, we would like to provide some information on this.

Compact stereo systems:

In our opinion, the best sound solution is still a classic stereo / compact system.
We believe the surround sound via a hi-fi system with loudspeakers to be overall more pleasant and, compared to headphones, to be less intrusive.

When selecting a compact system, it is particularly important to check the connection options, e.g. via USB and / or Bluetooth such that the audio output of the smartphone will be compatible with the A.R.T. app.

Even if the Bluetooth transmission protocol generally entails minor restrictions in audio quality, it is still the simplest solution for smartphones to wirelessly connect external speakers or stereo systems and significantly improve the sound.

There are countless versions and numerous suppliers of compact / stereo systems with large price differences depending on the equipment and performance features. (Priced from around EUR 100.00 upwards)

Well-equipped electronics stores with test listening stations where you can compare different products with each other are recommended.

As of early 2021, these products from the low-to mid tier provided good test results:

1. LG CK43 Mini HiFi System with CD / / Price EUR approx. 249.00

2. Panasonic SC-PM 250 – compact system // Price EUR approx. 119.00 (but also cheaper in price promotions)

3. Sony CMT-SBT20B micro system system // Price EUR approx. 80.00 (but also cheaper in price promotions)

4. SHARP XL-B515D (BK) Micro Sound System // Price EUR approx. 144.00

Bluetooth speaker:

Due to the absence of cables and their mobility, Bluetooth speakers can be especially practical.

You can connect the Bluetooth speaker wirelessly to your smartphone via the settings on the smartphone under “Bluetooth”.

There are numerous different criteria for evaluating these loudspeakers. In our tests, devices that lack functions that may not be important for their desired functionality, such as battery power, FM radio, voice control, etc., may actually offer a better audio experience. What counts for us above all is a balanced overall sound.

As a rule thumb, devices with a price of approx. 100.00 EUR upwards, will improve the sound of the music many times over compared to the speakers built into the smartphones or tablets.

From our own experience, we advise you to use devices that offer 360° (also known as 3D) sound. Most of these speakers are spherical and radiate audio in all directions. By this, the listening experience is significantly improved even outside of typical listening scenarios, for example in a lying position.

The following products were tested by us to provide these characterics:

1. Bose SoundLink Revolve, portable Bluetooth speaker (with wireless 360 ° surround sound) , from 149.00 – 219.00 EUR, relatively small, compact device with a balanced sound

2. Libratone Zipp 2, portable bluetooth speaker (with wireless 360 ° sound) partly big price differences on the net, 119.00 – 219.99 EUR, (I plan to use this speaker 2 years bought for 189.00 EUR)
great overall sound, great bass

3. Libratone Zipp mini, portable bluetooth speaker (with wireless 360° sound) optically almost identical to Zipp 2, in some cases big price differences on the internet, from 114.00 EUR great sound, but not quite as voluminous as Zipp 2

3. Ultimate Ears, Megaboom / Megablast – Bluetooth speakers with 360 ° sound from 125.00 EUR – for me with a bit too thin bass

4. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom, Bluetooth speaker with 360 ° sound,
Price-performance winner from 53.00 EUR, but does not have quite as good sound properties as the top devices

In any case it is worth mentioning
5. JBL Extreme 2, portable Bluetooth loudspeaker with carrying case, especially cheap if you plan to use the loudspeaker for outdoor events or on the go, from 188.00 EUR
Although without 360 ° sound, the high volume is remarkable, very long battery life and perhaps the best overall sound of all the Bluetooth speakers listed

In order to choose the right device, it is also worth trying out and listening to the devices here, provided that electrical specialist stores are open. Here a test listening is usually possible without any problems.

For all interested parties who would like to see product tests on the subject of Bluetooth speakers:

Bluetooth speakers at amazon.de


In addition, for the A.R.T. The use of good headphones is also an issue, especially if spatial conditions are a bit more sensitive to you and possibly no loud sound
is possible.

We recommend a closed design for headphones, as this shields you better against any ambient noise and thus usually ensures a more intense listening experience.
We generally advise against headphones with built-in processors, e.g. “Noise Canceling” or “Mega Bass”, as the additional processing can have a detrimental effect on the sound quality and thus on your listening experience.
Headphones that surround the ear are more comfortable to wear over the long term, especially for those who wear glasses, than headphones that rest on the ear. In contrast, headphones that are placed on the ear usually offer more support, e.g. during physical activity, and in some cases better bass reproduction.

When using Bluetooth headphones, you have to carefully weigh the advantages of the wireless connection over a wired solution.
Bluetooth usually allows more freedom of movement, you may have to cut back on the sound quality as the range of professional Bluetooth headphones is relatively small, and you have to regularly check the charging status of the headphones.

Wired headphones usually offer better sound quality because there are more professional headphones available and they are less prone to interference.

However, it must be ensured that the playback device has a corresponding connection (mostly mini stereo jack), or a corresponding adapter (e.g. iPhone: Lightning to mini jack) is available that enables headphones to be connected.

When purchasing wired headphones, you should also pay attention to the impedance (ohms), as some manufacturers offer the same headphones with different impedances in order to adapt the playback performance to the respective area of ​​application. A good impedance for use on tablets and smartphones is around 75 ohms in order to provide sufficient power reserves for distortion-free playback.

In principle, so-called ear-buds / ear-pods or in-ears can also be used for listening. There is a large selection of professional in-ear headphones here.
If you have the A.R.T. In everyday practice with changing users, however, these are not recommended from a hygienic point of view.

In order to find the right headphones for your purposes, it makes sense to try out different models in a well-stocked electronics store or music store.
In any case, take your playback device with you to ensure that the headphones can be connected to the device or are compatible with the device and also provide sufficient power (volume) to reproduce large dynamics in the music without distortion .

Above all, pay attention to the wearing comfort that is relevant for you, as a light, tight and comfortable headphone is just as important in the long run as its sound reproduction properties.

Some recommendations in the mid-tier segment

1. Beyerdynamic DT770 pro version with 80 Ohm nominal impedance, wired headphones around the ear, approx. 170 EUR

2. Sennheiser HD25 pro version with 70 ohm nominal impedance, wired model resting on the ear, approx. 125 EUR

3. Sennheiser HD350 bt, Bluetooth headphones, around the ear, approx. 76 EUR

4. Sennheiser HD400 bt overear, bluetooth headphones, around 50 EUR when placed on the ear

Somewhat higher quality

5. Sennheiser HD650 wired headphones, around the ear, half-open, approx. 335 EUR

Other audio systems

If you have a home audio system, such as a sound bar for your TV set, or home theater setup / AV receiver, smart speakers or other systems (e.g. Sonos systems, Apple Home, Alexa), check the possibilities of connecting your smartphone. These systems may offer an interface for connecting smartphones.